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Can the display be turned off?

Please refer to the user manual to do this. For some units you should press LED button on the remote controller to turn off the display. For some other units, the button is “DO NOT DISTRUB”. The display of floor standing units cannot be turned off unless the unit is turned off.

How to open the panel to clean the filter?

1、High wall: there are 2 indentations on both sides of panel. Pull the panel from the two indentations to open the panel, then the filters can be taken out.
2、Floor-standing unit: Remove 2 screws on both side of lower panel to open the lower panel. The filters are inside the air inlet of the panel.

How to use vacuum pump for air purging?

Connect the vacuum pump to the service valve after pipe connection work. Start the pump and keep it running for more than 10 mins and make sure the reading of pressure gauge is lower than 0.1MPa (-76cmHg).

What is the request of wall hole?

1, The wall hole of high wall unit should be same or a little bit lower than the indoor unit. About the wall hole, the indoor side should be 1cm higher than the outdoor side.
2. Wall hole of floor-standing unit should not be 10 cm higher than floor. About the wall hole, the indoor side should be 1cm higher than the outdoor side.

Will power comsuption be more if the connection pipes are longer?

The capacity and power won’t change much if pipe length is below 10 meters and heigh difference is below 5 meters.Power comsuption is determined by rated power and running time of air conditioner and doesn’t change if the pipes are longer. But longer pipes will cause to more energy loss and keep the compressor running. So generally, power comsuption does be more if the connection pipes are longer.

What is the difference between cooling mode and auto mode?

Cooling is only used for cool down the room.
Auto mode will choose a suitable working mode to run according to the difference between room temperature and set temperature. Generally, it will goes to cooling mode if set temperature is lower and goes to heating mode if set temperature is higher.

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